Here at Dealer Teamwork we make digital marketing easy to understand and use. We engineered and patented what we call an MPOP®, which is a Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform. It was made so that car dealers could merchandise, personalize and optimize their products and services for search engines and social media easier and faster.

This is done because the MPOP® is a centralized content distribution and management platform. By hooking your inventory feed and your digital marketing channels up to the MPOP®, you can merchandise your inventory and create special offers within the platform. The power of the MPOP® is that those offers are then pushed to all your linked marketing channels with a single update via one convenient tool. Linked digital marketing channels include your website and landing pages, paid search, social media and email campaigns. And if you ever need to update your MPOP® created offers, you only need to change it once in the MPOP®, and it updates all your linked marketing channels in real-time.

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The Easiest Way to Build Dynamic, Relevant Marketing Campaigns

The power is in centralized and coordinated content creation, distribution and management.

Dealer Teamwork is proud to be approved for 50% MINI co-op reimbursement! MINI Dealers can use our patented MPOP® platform as the preferred method of creating, distributing and managing online marketing efforts.

MINI Dealer MPOP® Features Include:

  • New, Used and Service Marketing
  • Responsive, Model-Specific Landing Pages
  • Unlimited, Mobile-friendly Email Builder
  • Dynamic Paid Search Campaigns with Transactional Data
  • Facebook Share
  • Transparent Google Data Studio Reporting
  • Proactive Google and Bing Certified Account Management

We Work with Your Current Website & CRM Providers

Implementing the MPOP® is easy and hassle-free.

Implementing the MPOP® is easy because it is website and CRM agnostic. We aim to solve the biggest problems associated with managing vehicle and service merchandising, not create more hurdles for dealers to jump through.

We make digital marketing easy to understand and use so you can manage your daily operations better. The end result is a more engaging and personalized online car buying experience for automotive shoppers.

The MPOP® Has Changed the Way Digital Marketing Is Managed

Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP® is the new automotive industry standard.

Our mission is to provide your MINI dealership with the most valuable marketing resources possible to help you meet your monthly goals efficiently. Never miss another sales opportunity because you are waiting on OEM incentive announcements or third-party agencies to update your digital marketing.

The MPOP® enables you to publish offers to your landing pages, email campaigns, paid search campaigns and social campaigns in a matter of minutes rather than a matter of days. Your inventory feed powers the MPOP®, you build the new, used, CPO and service offers and those offers are pushed to your linked marketing channels. It’s that simple!