What are the benefits of enrolling in MINI’s Certified Programs?

  • Choice of MINIUSA vetted & approved market-leading digital solution providers allowing for customization of digital presence and strategy.
  • Coordinated strategy and integrations between Tier 1 & Tier 3 including asset, content & lead distribution from MINI USA, Regions & Aftersales for dealers enrolled with a certified website provider.
    • This includes but is not limited to Pushed Landing Pages (new model launches, sales events, etc.), Homepage Banners, Lead Delivery, & Inventory Integrations.
  • Streamlined enrollment process with dealer choice of providers & packages at reduced costs and no long-term contracts or penalty fees.
  • Billing for services is direct to the Miscellaneous section of the Parts Statement with automatic 50% retail co-op submission and reimbursement.
  • Program assistance, compliance pre-approval, and provider escalation & troubleshooting support through a dedicated MINI Digital Consultant (MDC).
  • Seamless coordination and support of provider switches & buy/sells.

Invoices will appear on the Miscellaneous section of the Parts Statement one month after services are provided. For example, January services will be invoiced on the Miscellaneous section of the February Parts Statement. Some offerings are spend based and may be billed up to two months behind to allow for full campaign spends to be invoiced.

Per program billing rules, services that begin on or before the 15th of the month will be invoiced for that month of services. Should services begin after the 15th of the month, billing will begin in the following month. Please keep in mind that cancellations take precedent over new product enrollments when switching from one certified provider to another. For questions on the cancellation policy see our process outlined below.

All cancellations must be submitted to our support team at Cancellations submitted on or before the 10th of the month will be effective the end of the current month. Cancellations submitted after the 10th will result in services and billing continuing through the end of the following month.

Yes, the services offered through MINI Certified Programs are co-op eligible. Click here to see the co-op reimbursement percentages per program. Please reach out to MINI’s co-op vendor if you have questions regarding products outside of the program being eligible for co-op reimbursement.

Shift Digital automatically submits for co-op reimbursement for all eligible offerings. To opt out of automatic co-op submissions, please contact our support team at Dealers may choose to opt out at the time of enrollment as well.

If you want to upgrade or downgrade a product, you can enroll in the new products through the enrollment site or e-mail our support team at

You may switch providers at any time. Please note that billing and cancellation policies will still be followed. Please reach out to for assistance in avoiding being billed for two providers in one month.

All certified services are billed directly to the miscellaneous section of the MINI Parts Statement. Billing is traditionally one month behind depending on the service. If you feel your invoice is incorrect, please reach out to the MINI Support Team at 1-844-560-0818 or

A member of our MINI support team will confirm the enrollment via email within two business days of the enrollment being received. Shortly after the enrollment has been processed, the provider will reach out with next steps.

A MINI Digital Consultant (MDC) is your main point of contact for the MINI Certified Program and is able to provide unbiased recommendations for improvement. Each MINI dealer has been assigned a MINI Digital Consultant. If you are unsure who your MDC is, please reach out to the MINI Support Team at 1-844-360-9277 or

Services provided by your MINI Digital Consultant include the below.

  • Website creative and updates
  • Troubleshooting assistance by working as a direct liaison to providers
  • Monthly reporting to review analytics and best strategies for improvement
  • Website compliance assistance
  • Advisor on provider packages and offerings available through the certified program

Please contact the MINI Support Team at 1-844-360-9277 or

Co-Op Details

Below is the eligible amount to be reimbursed to a dealer through Retail Co-op. Shift Digital will automatically submit for reimbursement for all eligible products and services.

ADA Tool 50% New
Aftersales 50% Aftersales
Chat 50% New & CPO (80/20 Split)
Digital Advertising 65% New & CPO (Split based on spend)
Digital Retailing 50% (MINI Anywhere 75%) New & CPO (80/20 Split)
Social Media & Reputation Management 65% New & CPO (Split based on spend)
Websites & Add-Ons 50% New & CPO (80/20 Split)