Widewail’s tech-enabled online customer engagement suite of products creates happy customers and helps MINI dealers rank at the top of local search results. Review generation, review management, and social media management work together to deliver a seamless experience that just works. When combined, Widewail’s products and services are your reputation engine that grows your business.

Your reputation is constantly evolving, defined and redefined daily by your customers. The experiences of your current customers are informing the decisions of your prospects. Tactically, the quality of your reviews, how many you have, and how you respond publicly is how your customers choose you.

The Widewail suite of engagement management products are built to help you create and manage engagement. We create quality interactions that make it easy for your prospects to say, “ok, this looks like a business I can trust.”

Operationally, our team is in charge of the daily upkeep, involving your team only when first-person context is important for success. Further, no training, no turnover, and all of our expertise at a great price. Widewail serves over 550 dealerships across the US.

Widewail offers three products: Invite, Engage, and Engage Plus. Get more reviews with Invite. People-powered review response with Engage. Thoughtful social media community management with Engage Plus. When combined, your curated engagement ecosystem will become a core brand asset.

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Get More Customer Reviews via Text

Enter new customers into your system and we will take care of the rest. Our software directly integrates with your point of sale system, pulling customer data, and sending invites automatically - creating a highly effective and almost entirely hands-off invitation process. We guide your customers from request to review in only 3 steps. Reach customers where they are most engaged with direct SMS communications.

Built-In Personalization

We’ve created a range of tools to ensure your messaging is as seamless as possible. Input the customer name and salesperson name directly into the text message, automatically. Select the sites you would like customers to leave reviews on and customize the order.

Smart Targeting For Multiple GMB Pages. As Many GMBs Per Location As You Like, Included

Widewail Invite supports department-specific Google My Business accounts. Tag customers by department and Widewail will intelligently select the proper account on Google.

Widewail Engage:

Engage With Your Customers

Our team of review response specialists manage customer engagement on Google, Facebook, Yelp, CarGurus, Cars.com, DealerRater, and Edmunds - optimizing responses for search and alerting you when you need to jump into the conversation. The Widewail response team is trained to craft keyword-rich responses to positive reviews, elevating positive commentary, and minimizing the impact of negative commentary. Widewail’s response techniques and technology platform reduce response time, increase review volume, and improve local search rank.

100% response rate to all of your reviews in 24 hours, often within minutes

In most cases, our team will author responses to all of your reviews on the same business day as posted. Positive review responses are sent out immediately, while suggested responses to negative reviews are sent to your team for review and approval. When dealing with negative reviews, a fast response will give you the highest probability of problem resolution.

Never Miss A Review

The Widewail platform is designed to monitor and aggregate all Lexus dealership digital interactions. Widewail is built in-house, enabling our team to be efficient and effective in the management of digital engagement with your customers and prospects.

Upset Customers Deserve Your Direct Management

Widewail will alert the appropriate people at your dealership via email and text with a suggested response plan - ensuring that you're directly involved and personally handling sensitive cases in a timely manner.

Insights Only Widewail Can Give

All of your interactions from across the web in one dashboard. Track your ratings over specific time periods to understand your evolving reputation. With the ability to see individual department performance, you’ll be able to identify operational issues in near real-time.

You’re on the move. All-day, every day.

We will alert you via SMS when time-sensitive communications need your review and approval. Quickly navigate to the review and one-click-publish the suggested response.

Save money, maximize time.

Widewail is more affordable than standing up a program internally. We have the tools and expertise to provide your business with quality customer engagement right away. No training. No software installs. No turnover.

Facebook and Instagram Customer Engagement Management and Sentiment Tracking

You post a ton of content on social media. But who’s engaging with your customers? Are you doing a good job building community and positive sentiment? Considered and timely responses by the Widewail team to all of your social interactions on Facebook and Instagram.

Capture Sales Opportunities in Google Questions

Customers are asking you questions via your Google My Business page. Who is answering them? If you’re not monitoring and responding to questions, they’re being answered by people not associated with your business. Widewail’s got your back.